I just love making these handbags

I can custom make one for you.
This item is custom made and ONE OF A KIND. I cannot reproduce this exact item but i can custom make something similar for you. Please contact me to discuss custom details.

These Rag Bags/Purse/Totes are handmade by re-purposing strips of fabric, so no two Rag Bags will ever be the same. Because of the nature of how they are made if you are ordering a solid color Rag Bag, the colors will not all be the same shade but will be very close. When ordering a custom multi colored Rag Bag, you can order it in any color combo you like and you can use as many colors as you want. If you want it in printed fabric scraps i can do that too.

I will be more than happy to send you a photo of the fabric strips in the color/prints you choose. And if they are not what you had in mind we will change it until its just what you want.

WARNING: If you don’t like to stand out in the crowd then these items may not be for you!! These unique Rag Bags are guaranteed to turn heads and make all eyes on you!

Not all handbags will have the same handles
(measurements in customs orders can be altered, please contact me first to discuss the cost difference)

These Rag Bags can be used in many ways..as your everyday handbag, for a special occasion,as a tote bag,as a beach bag,diaper bag, to carry your tiny puppy…etc..the possibilities are endless, use your imagination.
Our items are all very soft,comfortable and easy to wear/use.

I prefer two to three weeks to make a custom Rag Bag as they are very time consuming. If needed I could possibly complete a rush order for a small fee. Contact me for confirmation on any rush order requests.

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  • Funky Ultra Fringe mixed denim One Of A Kind Rag Handbag



Rag Scarf…one of a kind, custom made, Recycled, Hipster, UNISEX


just taking a minute to showcase my custom made rag scarves. I can make them by using my own fabric or you can send me any source of fabric that has meaning to you and i’ll use it too..

Some times my customers have clothes and such (fabric related) that once belonged to a loved one.. Or even stuff their kids have outgrown., And they send it to me to create a custom rag scarf or handbag..

Check them out


So soft and cozy…and fun to wear…

As aways have a Grrrreat day and comments are welcomed


Industrial Army Camouflage Inspired Ultra Fringe One of a kind Handbag

I can custom make one for you.
This item is custom made and ONE OF A KIND. I cannot reproduce this exact item but i can custom make something similar for you. Please contact me to discuss custom details.Check out all our items for sale at https://www.etsy.com/shop/iLoveThelmaLu
Here are some pics of my camo inspired bag, i would love to hear your comments.
sold rhine5 2y  2t
Hope your having a GRRRReart day.

Hi, just a little about myself and what i do

Image Here is a little story about how my business name was developed. And a bit about me and what i do.

I’m a self taught artisan, who loves crafting almost as much as i love my children and Gucci by English Bulldog…
I’ve been crafting since i was 6 years old and i’m (well just old) and lets just say i’ve been crafting for A LOT of years….I can make just about anything i put my mind to., but have found i love upcycling/recycling items the best. Its almost like when you rescue an unloved animal you give it another chance to be loved. The Name of my business ilovethelmalu was created from my mothers name “Thelma Lucile”.
She always wanted to be famous., so i thought i would give her the change to do just that.. Although my shop isn’t famous “yet”she believes it will be…She is turning 94 years old this year and knowing this shop and my creations are named after her makes her VERY happy. Her memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be, but when ever i call her the first thing she asks is : “iLoveThelmaLu famous yet”? It warms my heart knowing this makes her smile…after all she taught me all my crafting. She started me crocheting and knitting at the age of 6 years old. Than on to needlepoint,cross stitch and sewing etc…

Thanks “Thelma Lucile” for passing on you’re crafting talent to me…. I’ll love you always and forever….

I use ( my wonderful dad who has passed on) and my loving mom photos from when they where young as my logo.

I sell my custom made items and already made items mostly on ESTY,


but you can also reach me here or at jvinnyg@aol.com or ilovethelmalu@aol.com

I can also been seen on







Even if your not interested in buying, i’d still love to here from you..